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Professional Photographer in Calgary, Alberta

The Artist

As a professional photographer, I bring a distinctly different feel to a photography session. Adding my skills to props, wardrobe, lighting, and location help to create astounding works of art. Allow my expertise to guide your visions.


Shooting exotic photography provides an outlet for a subject's wild side, with a tasteful and artistic flair. Flexible, dancing bodies and unusual props make for masterful images.

Fitness & Fashion

Continuing the bodies in motion theme, I provide fashion and fitness photography. Your final images appear to jump out of the picture while motionless.

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Contact me in Calgary, Alberta, to schedule an appointment to discuss adding a special touch to your portfolio.

About Me

Waymore Webs Photography in Calgary, Alberta, is a professional photography company, working with male and female dancers in theme-based photography. I'm Steven and I'm happy to serve your photography essentials.

A Note from Steven

I treat all clients like real people, I am fair to everyone, and I'm very honest. All my equipment is fully up-to-date, and I go the extra mile every time. I possess more than 17 years of experience in the field.